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Research Unit International Economics:

If you are interested in the supervision of a thesis you can also contact , or with your own proposal for a topic.

Please find an overview of recently supervised theses here.

Center for International Automobile Management:

  • "Strategies for an automotive cluster in the Euregio" Contact: Dr. Garnet Kasperk
  • "Ethics in the German automobile industry: Linguistics as an indicator for the capability of ethical learning of selected companies" Contact: Dr. Garnet Kasperk
  • "Push- and pull factors for the development of Aachen as a location for the automobile industry" Contact: Dr. Garnet Kasperk

Please find more information at the Center for International Automobile Management.

Please note:

In the course of theses you can make use of quality improvement means of the land of North Rhine-Westphalia e.g. for the procurement of literature or the purchase of software for statistical data processing.
Please contact your supervisor, if needed.