Project Module: "Economics of the European Union"


Master course (M.Sc.)

Course description

In this module, you learn to apply your knowledge of microeconomics and macroeconomics to various current policy questions related to the European Union. After successfully completing th e module , you will have acquired the following skills and competencies:
A pply economic reasoning to analyze practical pol icy questions
C ollect, interpret and analyze economic data
A ssess the consequences of international economic integration
C ritically discuss selected current policy issues of the European Union

After a brief general introduction , you will first prepare a group presentation on a topic connected to the European integration . In this presentation you are expected to explain your topic to the other course participants by apply ing simple textbook style economic models . You will then prepare a second presentation and an essay that focuses on one specific policy question related to your topic.
The following topics will be covered in the course: (1) Migration within the EU (2) Common Agricultural Policy (3) Regional policy (4) Competition and state aid policy (5) Trade policy (6) European Monetary Union (7) The Stability Pact (8) Br exit: a first assessment (9) The Euro crisis (10) European response to the Covid crisis

Further information can be taken from the handout.