Dmytro Katerusha

Research Associate

Research Unit International Economics


Building 1050

5. floor, room 509.1

Templergraben 64

52062 Aachen









Dmytro Katerusha started his work as a research associate and doctoral student at the Research Unit for International Economics in December 2016. He has graduated in Economics & Politics, Economy and Society (Double-BA) and Economics (M.Sc.) from Ruhr University Bochum. His main research interests are environmental and resource economics, especially market design and trade of goods which are associated with high external costs. Within the framework of the interdisciplinary project VERBUND.NRW, Dmytro Katerusha analyzes environmental regulation of composite production in an international context. The aim of the dissertation project is an analysis of the impact of national and international regulation strategies regarding the structure of the markets for composite materials. Each individual stage of the supply chain is to be investigated. On the one hand, across the entire composite material and on the other hand within the context of the entire product life cycle – beginning by the raw input materials till the possible recycling of the end products.  Following the identification of incentive distortions, a theoretical model for the production and trade of composite materials is to be developed. Based on the model, economic policy recommendations for increasing market efficiency regarding sustainability, competitiveness and investment are to be derived.


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